Covid-19 Election Info

for the Georgia Runoffs

If you are an eligible voter in Georgia, make your voice heard in a safe way on January 5th. COVID-19 cases continue to rise, so it’s so critical that you figure out a plan to vote that keeps you as safe as possible. Take note of the information below. 



  • Register by December 7 
  • Early voting begins December 14 
  • Request your ballot by December 15
  • Election Day January 5 


We recommend that you vote by mail, but if you decide to vote in person, take these steps to minimize your chance of infection:

  • Maintain social distancing and mask-wearing in line 
  • Bring hand sanitizer, and sanitize before you get in line, once you get inside, and after you vote 
  • Avoid touching doorknobs or any other object that could be touched by lots of people 

Georgia’s State Elections Website