Why Vote?

  • We all have worries.

    Living in this country affects each of us in different ways. Worried about paying off student loans? Afraid you won’t have health insurance if you get sick? Concerned about immigration status? Whatever issues you feel are most important in your daily life, people in office (all the way from your local councilwoman to the President) make decisions that affect YOU. Voting for candidates that align with your values will help take some of your worries away.

  • Vote for Latinos!

    Latinos in particular face many challenging issues in our country that other groups do not face in the same way - from immigration to problems affording housing. We need to stand with one another and address our needs by voting for candidates who understand our community and our struggles. The only way that we can take care of these issues is if Latinos go to the polls and vote for what’s important to them.

  • Voting is a privilege.

    Not everyone has the ability to vote, including many of our brothers and sisters whose immigration status stops them from making their voice heard. Vote on their behalf! Many people worked hard and sacrificed their lives just for our ability to vote, So don't take it for granted.

  • Not into politics?

    Maybe you’re not into politics, but still feel like your rent is too high or that you’re being taken advantage of by your insurance company. Even if politics isn’t your thing, many people that affect your life on a daily basis (from your boss to your landlord) DO use their vote towards policies that benefit them and not you. Take charge of your political power and give yourself a voice where you didn’t think you had one!