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Impeaching Trump

Many of us have been calling for it for months, and at this point, every day I am more astounded by the historical climate we’re living through. Since Trump has entered office, he has challenged our country’s boundaries with his discriminatory behavior and worked to divide our nation based on differing viewpoints. He has canceled progressive laws in favor of the people, mocked those he views as beneath him and differed trust away from reliable resources. He’s basically inherited the Hilter handbook at this point in his presidency. He is a sexist, racist, homophobic, rapist, dictatorial, terrible representation of our country, and now he’s added terrorist attack leader to this list.

The acts of January 6th at the Capitol Building are unforgivable. After the mockery of years of activism protests, and the continued debates on gun control laws and defunding the police, Trump supporters have gone a step too far in disrespecting our country. The lack of trust in our country’s traditional ways is concerning when no one had an issue with the media or voting system only four years ago. A riot threatening our country’s leaders will never be called for and “Go home. We love you. You’re very special.” is no way to manage a terrorist attack in our capital. This planned event took five lives, the feeling of security, and any hopes for a peaceful transition of power. What was the point? Was it a temper tantrum that they lost the election or a strategized way of illustrating the two America’s living in this country? Trump supporters fearless leader has lost his right to his presidency in this country.

So why, nine days before Biden’s inauguration, would they be considering a second impeachment trial? My first thoughts were, is it worth it? Yes. If I could trust Vice President Pence and Trump’s Republican cabinet members to get the job done with the 25th Amendment, then I happily would! However, time’s ticking and there’s no time for wishy-washy decision-making skills. If Trump were to be removed from office in one way or another, true cause and effect consequences would be practiced, as he loves to enforce on minority citizens. While Trump getting sent to prison is necessary, the likelihood of the event is weak due to his unquestionable supporters and Trump’s very own bank account to help him to continue his bad habits. If Trump is removed from office, he will lose his 200k+ pension for the rest of his life, he will lose his one million dollars a year travel allowance, he will lose his lifetime of full secret service detail, and his ability to run for office ever again. Worth it? Enforcing serious consequences for destroying a country’s unity and reputation among other things, will always be worth it. Trump has ruined our country for years to come and rewarding him with a travel allowance is unacceptable.

Trump is a threat to our country as long as he’ll be alive and having the United States security to protect him and his wrongful actions are absurd. This removal from office is not only an option, it is essential. We are living through the most chaotic historical period of time in decades. We are living through a global health pandemic, witnessing the strongest activism movement for racial justice in years, supporting the first woman and woman of color in office, and now watching history unfold as for the first time, a previously impeached president is at risk for a second impeachment trial. As if the correct decision regarding his previous impeachment trial was appropriate. Hint: this is a sign that it was not. Give yourself a pat on the back for making it this far, and let’s expect our government to do the appropriate deeds for the first time in four years, to successfully lead this country back to its former glory. We’re proud to be Americans, not embarrassed.

By Dana Damiani