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Why It’s Crucial for Young Latino Voters to Hit the Polls This Election

For the first time ever, Latinos are projected to become the largest minority bloc in a general election. 32 million people who Identify as Latino will be eligible to vote this upcoming election.  That’s about 13 percent of the US Electorate! 

So what is driving this massive growth of the Latino Population? The answer- young Latinos coming of age! Every 30 seconds, a Latino in the US turns 18 and becomes eligible to vote. Which suggests that young Latinx voters could swing the outcome of the election- but only if they show up to the polls! 

We need them now more than ever

For years, we forcefully sat back and watched as our President slung insults and defamatory statements about the Latino Community. Continuously instilling his anti-immigration rhetoric to the public and implementing policies that purposely harm our community.

From his infamous accusations that all Mexicans are criminals to his pursuing attempts to dismantle DACA, an executive order implemented by Obama that shielded many young Latinos from deportation. Displaying no signs of yielding.  

ICE breaking into homes and ripping families apart, Dreamers living everyday in fear of losing their status, and innocent children at the border kept in cages like animals on a farm. We have seen enough!

Many members of our community feel that the target has been placed on their backs ever since Trump took office. Many fear that they will be sent back to the very same place they escaped from! Many are unsure of what’s in store for our future as a community in this country! 

But there is hope! Our future cannot and will not be erased in this nation. Our future depends heavily on the increasing number of young Latinxs who became eligible to vote since the last presidential election! 

You must get out there and vote

For every young Latino who became or will become eligible to vote. Please understand that you’re not doing this just for you. You are doing it for everyone in the community that has been affected by the Trump Administration. 

You are voting for those who don’t have a voice! For those who are unable to speak up in this country because of their fear of deportation. You are doing it for all the hardworking people in our country who are told they have no rights at all. 

For every mother who is struggling to feed her family off of minimum wage and for every father who gets up every morning to a life of hard labor. 

Your vote counts! Not only are you voting for our safety, but you are also voting to secure our future and solidify our position here in America. Because we are the future!

Our parents and grandparents took great risks to come to this country and provide us a life they never had back home! They sacrificed everything they knew and had, to give us the opportunity of the American Dream. 

As citizens, we have the power to get out there and make real changes. Changes that can shape and ensure our future.  

Register to vote

Time is ticking. With only less than 64 days left until the general election. Please do the following:

  • Ensure that you are registered to vote. 
  • Talk to your friends and family about the importance of voting 
  • Research your candidates. 
  • Volunteer and donate to any political organization that is rallying people to vote. 

And above all, please ensure that you hit the polls this November. Our community depends on you.