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Your Vote Is Your Voice

It is no secret to anyone that the current situation in the country is a disaster. We are suffering from a pandemic that has claimed the lives of nearly 200,000 people in this country as of today. The United States is the number one country in the world with more cases and more deaths from Covid-19 and ironically the country where its leader urges to return to normality and open everything, exposing its inhabitants even more to becoming infected with the virus. The United States is not the country with the most population, that is no excuse for being the country with the most infected people. The truth is that this country is the greatest power in health and medical equipment capacity and, even so, everything has been a disaster.

Unforgivable mistakes

Donald Trump’s policy on COVID-19 has been horrifying and has cost us a lot. There are thousands of lives lost. We saw from the beginning how he played down the importance of the virus and he lied to the population saying that everything was under control. He even suggested the injection of disinfectants and then the consumption of hydroxychloroquine in order to prevent the virus, poisoning hundreds of people who took his word for it. He tried and is still trying to open the whole country and get everything back to normal when daily cases are still counted by thousands.

Even with all of this, Donald Trump says that the country is doing very well and is getting stronger. He’s trying to hide what is in plain sight. It is very clear and obvious that the country is experiencing an unprecedented crisis and precisely in its administration, having an advantage over other countries in terms of resources, we are living in worse times.

Make yourself heard, vote

Your vote is the best way to make yourself heard. There have been a lot of protests across the country and big social media campaigns against what is currently happening and the wrong action of the current administration, but what has changed? Little or very little. I think we all agree that the current situation worsens over time. The most significant way to act, really to act for a better America and against an administration that has made unforgivable mistakes and polarized the country, is to vote. This election is of unprecedented importance and it is when our generation has even greater relevance. Make yourself heard, vote.

By Felix Delgado