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You have the right to vote, why not use it?

We’re just a couple of weeks before Election Day, this one has an unprecedented importance because of how things are right now in the country. America is in crisis right now in many topics because of many reasons and a change is necessary. The country’s future in the next 4 years is at stake and the voters have a chance to decide it with a simple and sacred action: Vote!

I come from Venezuela, a country that has a dictatorship and a huge political, economical and social crisis. There are two presidents, you read right, two. The most powerful one inside the country is Nicolas Maduro, an evil and cruel dictator that violates human rights, governs by force and is currently internationally accused of Drug Trafficking. The other is Juan Guaido, recognized as President by the United States and more than 60 countries all over the world since Nicolas Maduro organized a fraudulent election that wasn’t recognized by any democratic country due to the lack of guarantees to have a fair and democratic election.

Venezuela is a disaster now and there’s no possible democratic election with Maduro in power. Now I live in the United States, the most powerful and influential country in the world that is going to decide its future in a matter of days. Something I can’t believe and it’s difficult for me to understand is the people that don’t vote. You are in a country where every vote matters, where your president is going to influence a lot in your future and where the law is imposed no matter who. You can vote and you aren’t going to do it? It’s unbelievable! I wish I had this opportunity in my country, free elections where I could help to decide the country’s future. You have the right to vote, this is big by itself! Use it.

By Felix Delgado